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Plant Your Gadget Charging Station

So really, who DOESN'T have a pile of charging cords crammed into their junk drawer? Anyone? I was seriously, seriously overwhelmed by the amount of cords we had crammed into our drawers ... and the ridiculous amount of hand-held electronics ... 2 cell phones, 4 iPods, 1 iPod touch ... not to mention the random power cords! I mean really, enough was enough.

In no more than 15 minutes I had put together a centralized charging station and in the spirit of Spring I labeled it "Plant Your Gadget". It's functional, it's cute and decorative. Whoop!

Plant Your Gadget


Basket, Decorative Grass, Power Strip, Embellishments

"Plant Your Gadget" Decorative Charging Station

Gather up your electronics and all of those lovely charging cords

I hung our power strip on the wall behind our table and neatly zip-tied the cords up the wall to the basket.

Use a loosely woven basket and simply thread the head of the charging cord through the gaps in the basket.

Pile decorative grass over the cords then thread the top few inches of the cords through the grass.

Now plant your gadget in the basket, plug it in and charge!

You're done! It's decorative, functional ... and you won't forget where you're charging your gadget!