I haven't been present on my blog in a few months ... I terribly miss it and I fear I'm going through personal crafting withdrawal. So where have I been and what exactly has been occupying my time?

My little shop ChichiKIDS has exploded locally and it's still in high demand online ... not to mention I've pulled several "Reserve" days in the military, launched ChichiLIFE, launched new product lines for ChichiKIDS, launched OH SO Chichi Handbags as a Miche Independent Sales Representative, started taking and teaching dance classes again, manage 3 FB pages, 3 blogs, volunteer work, photography groups ... and of course all those wonderful things that come with raising a toddler who has a schedule of his own ... specialized speech therapy 3 times per week, gymnastics, softball and playgroups. Did I mention my hubby has been deployed for the last 6-months?

My passion for blogging and crafting is still present ... I'm simply trying to figure out a balance that allows me to manage all of it while keeping a certain level of sanity. :)

Here is a little photo journey of my favorite projects the last couple months ....

TONS of custom iron-on vinyl appliques for local groups.
I love the challenge of new and unique designs.

Gift for family and friends! I'm going through a "every gift needs to be handmade" phase.

The launch of my You + Me designs for Valentine's.

I participate in a 365 day photo challenge called A Year As A Military Spouse ... we contribute publish worthy photos to document our life. I'm behind publishing my photos ... I blame it on the crash of my Macbook and the fact that I have to borrow my hubby's. :)

More custom work. Whoa, this one was labor intensive!

The launch of my Maternity Sets, inspired by a custom request.

St. Patrick's Day designs ... that's my little leprechaun!

I really am the luckiest mom. :)

"Quote Me" tee's ... inspired by my very own little kiddo.
He turned 4 ... that's all I have to say. I'm sure you understand. :)

The launch of ChichiLIFE. Cute, functional, organized!

Oh look ... a home project! Yup, I squeezed one in there!
This is my kiddo's activity center.

The launch of OH SO Chichi Handbags ... I adore my Miche's!

Did I mention I was raising a superhero?

Now ... I have a couple craft projects I've been working on that I'll be sharing with you ... let's see if I can get them posted this week! :)