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Meet Jaime

Hi! I'm Jaime, the face behind OH SO Chichi! or SO Chichi! for short. My passion for blogging began as a personal journey, documenting the stories of our family and the milestones of our child. My personal blog slowly started incorporating my DIY projects, creative ideas and product features from my Etsy shops. My poor family had to endure post after post of linky parties and decorating projects until finally in March 2011 I decided to turn my personal blog more "personal" and develop OH SO Chichi! for all the other fun goodies!

The SCOOP on me. I'm a mom, a military wife and an AF Reservist. I always blog with a great cup of coffee!  I grew up in the dance studio and have continued to dance my entire life. I've worked for over 10 years as an entertainer/parade & show performer at Walt Disney World; I travel back every year to perform seasonally ... I currently make that commute from Germany!  I love tacos ... I mean I REALLY love tacos. I eat 6 fully-loaded tacos in one sitting when I make them for dinner. I love color but I'm scared to decorate with it. I love photography. I drink wine. I used to be an Air Traffic Controller! I love to craft and enjoy a good DIY challenge. I have 2 chihuahua's which sleep snuggled up with me at night ... they have slept by my side for 11 years. I love to sew. Bellybuttons make me gag. I refuse to place a take-out order over the phone ... I make my husband do it. I only use white paper towels and white napkins ... my husband will torment me by bringing home patterned paper towels. I never turn down a piece of chocolate.  I apparently love many things. If you've made it this far, then I'm very impressed!

OH SO Chichi

The SCOOP on OH SO Chichi, the blog. This is a place where I share my creative ideas and DIY projects, ChichiKids & ChichiClay product information but also (and most importantly), feature YOU ... because really, you're awesome! I have been blown away by the creativity, spunk, joy and pure fun out there in the bloggy world. I hope you will join in the fun here and add OH SO Chichi to your daily places to visit for inspiration and ideas.

Saturday Showoff

It's a linky party every Saturday! An opportunity to link up your projects and share your creative ideas with me and OH SO Chichi visitors.  The more the merrier!

Spotlighted at OH SO Chichi

Happening throughout the week! This is my chance to spotlight some of my favorite projects YOU shared during the Saturday Showoff!

OH SO Chichi Seal of Approval

Ever come across a blog, handmade product, or project that literally blows you away and you start emailing your friends or post on you blog how AMAZING it is! The hope behind the OH SO Chichi Seal of Approval is to recognize those blogs, small businesses, and handmade items that are simply too fabulous not to receive special recognition.

If you're interested in the OH SO Chichi Seal of Approval, please visit my Public Relations page for more information.


The SCOOP on "chichi". I opened my first Etsy shop ChichiClay in early 2007 ... it was home to my line of pottery (clay) products of which I referred to as "wearable art". My vision was to offer elegant yet trendy hand-built earthenware clay jewelry ... hence "chichi" and "clay". A few months later I found out I was prego with our first child! I dusted off my sewing machine and started making blankets and clothes for my baby ... then entered ChichiKids; which has evolved to focus on my line of DIY appliques to embellish you, your kids, and your home!