Embellished Inspirational Canvas

This project was special to me for 2 reasons ... 1) I asked Al to come up with 3 inspirational words for our family and he came up with "take the time". I immediately loved it ... it has such a broad meaning. Take the time ... to enjoy each other, to relax, to sit, to do something for yourself, to enjoy the weather, to enjoy family, finish a masters' degree, it goes on and on! 2) See those cute buttons I used as embellishments? Those were my Grandma Reichlins' buttons from back in the 40's/50's! I never had the honor of meeting her as she passed away before I was born.

Look at that beautiful leather-wrapped button!

I needed something in the corner adjacent to my wreath ... and of course it had to coordinate. I think that's enough "color/fabric coordination" for this area now!

I found plain, "burlap-esque" (new word!) canvases for 1.40 euro and new exactly how I wanted to use them!

I mixed up the textures to make it interesting. This set of letters was cut in felt, I scrounged through my stash for some dainty ribbon, grabbed some burlap, leftover fabric from the wreath and bench, dug out one of my Grandma's buttons and VOILA!

I used fabric glue for the letters and hot glue for the rest.

Mixing up the font and fabric ... all with the Sizzix baby!

Tada! No more ugly, empty wall!

Mixing up the font and making each canvas different was actually a step outside my comfort zone ... even though they all "coordinate" they are all different ... I have a serious problem with everything having to exactly match... it's my biggest challenge.

* This project was originally posted on my family blog, Our Journey*

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