DIY Jewelry Tree

On my most recent trip back to the "states", Mom and I hit JoAnn Fabrics (whoop!). The hardest part about living overseas and having an addiction to DIY projects is the ability to find the supplies you need. I usually end up ordering on-line and waiting .... waiting ... waiting for the delivery ... or I make a list of projects and supplies then wait until I travel back to the U.S. and make a GIGANTIC purchase! Either method requires waiting ... and I don't like waiting!

Anyway ... I found this Valentine Tree at JoAnn's for $4.99 plus 40% off ... yippee! When I saw it I immediately thought "jewelry organizer". My only regret is that I didn't buy more! A few coats of black paint and the transformation from Valentine Tree to Jewelry Tree was complete ....


Valentine Tree (JoAnn Fabrics is having 70% their Valentine decorations ... so go! go! go!)
Black Paint (I used spray paint)

Jewelry Tree

I place my "everyday jewelry" on the tree for safekeeping and quick access

Before ... Valentine Decoration (ho-hum)

After ... Sophisticated Jewelry Tree (cute!)

Top to bottom ...
(no, I don't keep my jewelry on the floor by our wine crates ... this was just the best lighting in the house)

The kiddo came over while I was taking photos and said "oh, nice" ... nothing like a little approval from the little one!

Then he decided I needed to wear ALL my jewelry ... so sweet!

*This project was originally shared on my family blog, Our Journey*

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