Our Home Theater

Presenting "Cinema 1" ....

We have been waiting to build a home theater for about 5 years now and we've finally had the space in a house to do it! Minus a few finishing decorative touches; we are finally done with "Cinema 1".

Seating for 6 ... Thanks IKEA!
Shag Rug ... IKEA
Curtains ... We already had these!
I sewed coordinating pillows ... Fabric from IKEA
Blankets ... IKEA
Popcorn Buckets ... Christmas Gift from Family!
Candy Cups ... IKEA

Screen and "Computer Cafe"
Bar Stools ... I re-upholstered chairs we already had
Bar Table ... IKEA

120 " Screen

Another view ...

This area was my hubby's idea! Go hubby!

One of the best perks about the Home Cinema is that we can bring the party to us! It's hard to get out with a toddler but we really enjoy the company of friends ... our solution ... the home cinema. It's also fun to have a "date night" at home! Believe it or not ... we did this entire project (including the screen and projector) for less than the price of the TV in our living room. We did budget for this project and did a lot of price comparisons ... we are bargain shoppers! If it weren't for IKEA this would probably still be an empty room!

*This project was originally posted on my family blog, Our Journey*


  1. This room is adorable. I wish I had the space for my own "Cinema 1". ;) Maybe one day we'll own a home with a basement so that I can create my own cinema/computer cafe. Loving your blog!

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