Felt Tot Wallet

My toddler has been holding interest in wallets, purses man bags, ID's, and $ for a while now. In fact, every time we drive to the base he must present his IKEA Card ID Card to the guard and promptly salute. It was painfully apparent ... it was time for my son to have his own wallet.

So ... I set out to create my own tot wallet, because that's what I do! I couldn't get the vision of a little "peek-a-boo" monster out of my head so the little Money Monster made his debut. The wallet is a really simple design and I think I'll tweak it a bit here and there if I make more, but for a "1st try" I'm pretty happy with it ... and most importantly, so is my son!

Open at your own risk!

This seriously makes me laugh. It's as if this little googly-eyed monster is saying,
"Ahh, take it all ... take all you want!"

There is one long pocket for the "bills" and two pockets for cards/ID's. I considered a coin pocket but opted not to include it as I don't feel comfortable with Kelty and coins.

Who could be afraid of a cute face like this? Poor little monster can't even see straight.

TUTORIAL is in the works ... coming soon!

*This project was originally posted on my family blog, Our Journey*

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