Interchangeable Camo Daisy Pin

I've spent enough time in camo over the last 13 years that I don't usually add it to my civilian wardrobe ... but every once in a while I get the urge to show a little support outside of uniform. Using some scrap fabric and random military-support pins ... I whipped up this little Interchangeable Camo Daisy Pin in less than 5 minutes.

Interchangeable Camo Daisy Pin

Adding a little feminine touch to the standard Yellow Ribbon Pin ...

Supporting our troops ...

Supporting a spouse ...

Attempting to model the pin (this is NOT my comfort zone)

Seriously, I just couldn't do it ... so I laughed instead ...

Ok, grab your scraps of material. I don't expect everybody to have uniform scraps in their house but you can use a military bandana or other camo inspired fabric ... or check out a nearby Military Surplus Store!

Cut your scraps into various size flowers ... I used my Sizzix but you can find a flower graphic on-line, print, cut and trace ... or free-hand it!

Layer them ...

Add a quick little stitch in the middle to hold it together ...

Grab a military pin, poke it through the flower and you're done! Super easy to switch-out to any military inspired pin of your choice!


  1. Cute! I love you "command center" I have to remember that for when I make my own, you did such a great job!


  2. Great idea! I think I will send one to my adopted soldier's wife!


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