Love for the Mini-MOO!

My Mini-MOO business cards arrived! is simply amazing and it's effortless to create your own cards using your OWN photos! It's like a modern day "mullet" ... except it's a party on the front and business on the back. *smile*

If you haven't stumbled across it, I have an Etsy shop called ChichiKids! My shop focus is custom, iron-on fabric applique letters and designs for your clothing or home DIY projects. If I meet someone and the conversation turns to "So, what do you DO?". I have a hard time explaining my shop focus and appliques. It usually results in an "Oh. So, anyway ....".

I had a friend ask me, "Why don't you just say you sell "crafts". Well ... outside this AWESOME blog community, "crafts" seems to be a "dated" term ...people tend to think Popsicle Stick Bird Houses and Paper Bag Puppets. *giggle*

With my Mini-Moo's and my applique projects proudly featured on the front of each business card ... they have a visual reference and perhaps the conversation will be more of ... "Oh, COOL! So anyway ...".

... and THIS is why I'm so excited!

LOOK! My Mini-Moo's!

Aww ... cute little box! These shipped to my overseas address in a matter of days!

Ooh! A little peek into the box!

Appliques in action! With your MOO cards ... you can use as many photos as you like! Each card can have a different design. SWEET!

I love the little Peek-a-Boo Turkey ... and seeing my niece and son on my
business card simply makes me smile.

I'm excited to show-off on my card that appliques are not just for clothing! Did you notice that the M,T,W,T,F,S embellished clips on my Meal Planning Board were actually Doodle Dot Letter appliques? Oh Yes!

Thinking about ordering from Here is a coupon code for 15% off your FIRST order! Have fun!



  1. I'm here from the Girl Creative. These cards look great! It makes me wish I had a need for some!

  2. Yeah! I'm so glad they turned out how you wanted!!! Super cute =)

  3. Those are amazing cards!! Dropping by from the girls creative blog hop!

  4. Those are really cool business cards!


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