My First Video Tutorial!

I posted my first ChichiKids video tutorial! I'm sure my family will get a kick out of it ... as they had to witness my "toothpaste commercials" since I was a kid (and I may have been known to jump in front of the camera to do a few "weather reports" ... even as an adult).

Enjoy ... and if you comment ... be nice. :o)

ChichiKids Fabric Appliques ~ Basic Iron-On Tutorial

All of my ChichiKids video tutorials will be linked on my sidebar under ChichiKids Tutorials.

The awesome little apron that I wear in my videos and EVERY day when I work on applique orders and DIY projects was handmade by The Apron Addict on Etsy!


  1. You said you sell those in your etsy shop? Do you have boy ones? I would love to make shirts for my boys with their letters.

  2. It is very easy! Great video Jaime! (I loved hearing the birds chirping in the video too ;)

  3. Great tutorial and great video work. ;) Now I just need to get me some of those neat-o appliques. So proud of you, Jaime. You have a gift!

  4. Love it!!! You're my HERO! Gonna need to do this on my website!

  5. This is a great tutorial! Thank you! :) I'm wondering where you buy your plain t-shirts.

  6. Lindsey ~ I purchase my plain t-shirts at H&M ... it's a European store but they do have them in the U.S. now. The quality is fantastic and they are extremely inexpensive ... $3-$4 dollars. Even their organic cotton shirts are under $4 each!


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